The Ultra Fly Series

"Ultra Fly defies gravity"

The magic of Ultra Fly

Smart moisture management

The Li-Ning Ultra Fly has been made using breathable material and engineered with moisture management technology for a smooth ride.

Unreal grip on the court

Our team has re-engineered the traditional badminton outsole with the Ultra series. Li-Ning Ultra Fly has a bionic sole that provides you with maximum traction on the court. The midsole is devised with a strategically inserted thermoplastic plate that helps attain the highest amount of traction and support

Float like a butterfly

Weighing only 310 grams, the Li-Ning Ultra Fly is the epitome of a lightweight shoe. You can now hop the court without worrying about the shoe weighing you down. Our midsole allows us to achieve an extremely light-weight without sacrificing any of it's energy-return performance.

Three Hundred and Ten Grams.

All the performance with all the looks

From the material make to the technology that has been put to work to the design, only the best has been used so you can be at your absolute best - in both looks and performance.

Experience Weightlessness.

Float around the court with 310 grams of Ultra Fly on your feet.