Tectonic 6 - 5U

SGD 169.90SGD 199.90(15% off)

Attacking Racket

Tectonic 6 - 5U15% OFF

SGD 169.90SGD 199.90(15% off)

Attacking Racket

Tectonic 6 - 5U

15% OFF

SGD 169.90

SGD 199.90

(15% off)

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If you are raging about scoring that striking hit your quest has brought you to the right place. With this swerve you’ve landed at the Tectonic 6 that serves enhanced striking power, quicker and precise frame restoration, and a balanced rebound to take your game to the next level with a disrupting quake. Despite being a lightweight 5U model, it delivers a head-heavy swing making your shots heavy-headed and light-handed.

Product RangeTectonic
Player TypeAttacking
Player LevelProfessional
BalanceHead Heavy
Racket Grip SizeG6
Shaft Thickness (mm)6.8
Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

Enhanced Striking Power

The racket is built using HDF Shock Absorption system by filling high-tech light shock absorption materials to reduce shock. Striking power is enhanced by smooth transmission and thorough release, which effectively reduces sports injuries.

Wing Stabilizer

The Li-Ning Wing Stabilize system improves the anti-torsion performance and brings a quick, exact and stable second stroke. The racket uses aviation technology to control frame restoration precisely and restrains shake from vibration waves.

Balanced Rebound

The racket is engineered with unique elastic material and craftwork to accurately transmit power & execute a powerful play. The flexible shaft effectively balances rebound and anti-torsion movement.