Tectonic 1 - 4U

FREESGD 79.90(100% off)

Attacking Racket

Tectonic 1 - 4U13% OFF

FREESGD 79.90(100% off)

Attacking Racket

Tectonic 1 - 4U

13% OFF


SGD 79.90

(100% off)

Crafting the ultimate ground-breaking performance booster, Li-Ning's Tectonic 1 is devised for strength and stability making it the perfect combination for bold attacks and relentless defenses. With its 7mm soft flexible shaft, it has a great elastic ability to retain shape and control over every movement.

Product RangeTectonic
Player TypeAttacking
Player LevelProfessional
BalanceHead Heavy
Shaft FlexibilityFlexible
Shaft Thickness (mm)7
Maximum Racket Tension26 LBS (pounds)
Racket Grip SizeG5
Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame
MaterialCarbon Fibre

Unwavering Hits

TB Nanometer technology combines carbon fiber and resin more closely, to optimize the shaft’s elasticity and stability. This in turn makes it more durable, bringing you more power in every strike.

Sonic Boom Strikes

Li-Ning’s Tectonic 1 utilizes the air pressure formation process to have a stronger sound effect with each strike of the racket. This gives an elaborate sense of contact hits, fast delivery speed, crisp sound, and strong sound effects.

Precise Frame Restoration

The racket uses Wing stabilizer system powered by aviation technology to precisely control frame restoration and shakes resulting from vibration waves are restrained. This improves anti-torsion performance and brings a quick, exact and stable second stroke.

Tectonic Series