Badminton Shoes

Ranger VI Lite

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Badminton Shoes

Ranger VI Lite


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The Li-Ning Ranger VI Lite non-marking Badminton shoe is made for absolute fluidity on the court. Engineered with LN Cloud technology for a premium user experience, it absorbs & reduces impact providing complete cushioning with a high rebound. It also maintains excellent cushioning and resilience after repeated sports shocks to aid your training. For higher resistance, an abrasion material is used in the toe area offering unmatched quality. Paired with Tuff Tip technology, this increases its durability. The back heel has an M-shaped TPU brace to improve stability and support. This shoe uses Light Foam technology to ensure complete foot protection and reduce energy loss. For an enhanced feel, accurate force transmission and base support, there is a Carbon Fiber Plate at the sole of the shoe to boost your peak performance.

Weight328 grams
Player LevelProfessional

Ranger VI Lite

Premium Form Design

Crafted for the best aesthetics with soft leather & breathable holes at the toe area, Tuff tip technology for durability, M-shaped TPU to improve the back heel stability and support, Breathable mesh, and Bionic outsole - this shoe is built for the ultimate player experience.

Bounse+ Efficiency

Bounse+ is a high-rebound compression-resistant material. The vertical resilience of Bounse+ is 27% higher than that of traditional midsole materials. It can help athletes reduce energy loss during exercise more effectively.