Wind Lite Stealth - 80 grams

SGD 129.90

The Li-Ning Wind Lite Stealth is a powerful racket that helps you maintain momentum throughout the game. This Superlight technology-powered racket hands you the advantage of invisible force. It is a very lightweight racket that you can use to seamlessly move around on the court. The Compressed Groove technology adds dynamism to your strikes making them effective like never before. It is a head-heavy racket that is sure to compliment your attacking style of play. So if you are looking to add a powerful racket to bolster your smashes and returns then this is the one. Available in 4 weight categories of 77, 78, 79, and 80 grams, each racket has a balance point of 300 and can easily withstand string tension of upto 30 lbs.

Product RangeWind Lite

Player TypeAttacking

Player LevelIntermediate

Weight80 grams

Balance Point300 mm

BalanceHead Heavy

Shaft FlexibilityUltra Flexible

Shaft Thickness7

Racket Grip SizeS1

Maximum Racket Tension30 LBS (pounds)

MaterialCarbon Fibre

Frame ShapeDynamic Optimum Frame

Product Type
badminton racket / AYPR100