LN Protect Policy is a warranty policy provided by Sunlight Sports Pte. Ltd. to its customers for purchases made directly on Li-Ning Studio's website. LN Protect is different from Li-Ning Studio's return policy.

Li-Ning Studio is committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction concerning the products available on our website. While we take utmost care in providing that you receive the finest and best products, a manufacturing defect may occur at times due to unforeseen circumstances. Under the LN Protect Policy, Sunlight Sports Pte. Ltd. will cover and replace any products that do not perform as expected due to manufacturing defects for products purchased on Li-Ning Studio. The replacements will follow the policies given below based on each product category.


  • The period of warranty coverage: 3 months (90 calendar days) from the date Li-Ning Studio Delivered the product.
  • What's covered: Only manufacturing defects in the frame, shaft or grip.
  • What's not covered: Any damages caused by clashes, over-tension, wear and tear, strings and general use.

Suppose there is any indication of other integral physical damage that could cause a failure of the structure of the racket's frame. In that case, Li-Ning Studio will not replace it under the LN Protect Policy.

Please note that if a claim is accepted and a replacement processed, the replaced racket will be without any strings. If the racket previously ordered becomes unavailable, we will provide a racket of equal price and similar specifications at our discretion.

Grips and strings are considered consumables, are not covered under the LN Protect Policy, and will not be replaced by Li-Ning Studio.


  • Shuttlecocks (both feather and nylon) do not carry any warranty and do not qualify for replacement.

Apparels, Bags, Kitbag, and Shoes

  • The period of warranty coverage: 3 months (90 calendar days) from the date Li-Ning Studio Delivered the product.

  • What's covered: Manufacturing defects only.

  • What's not covered: Damages caused manually, wear and tear (for shoes - sole and upper).

Here's how you can claim replacement:

If your product has a manufacturing defect, you can submit a claim for purchases made from Li-Ning Studio.

  1. Send us an email to support@lining.studio with the following photographs and details as proof of purchase:
    • Product and the area you believe in having a manufacturing defect.
    • Purchase Invoice
  2. Upon receipt of confirmation of an application for LN Protect Claim, you will need to ship the product at your own expense to Sunlight Sports Pte. Ltd. - 20 Sims Ln, Kai Xuan Centre, Singapore 387358.
  3. Once your product has been delivered, by the courier partner, to Li-Ning Studio, it may take between 3-5 working days to process your request.
    • If Sunlight Sports Pte. Ltd. accepts the request under the LN Protect Policy, we will ship out a replacement within 48 hours of accepting the request.
    • If Sunlight Sports Pte. Ltd. rejects the request, you will be required to arrange return shipping of the product within 72 hours of the rejection of the request. If return shipping arrangements are not made within 72 hours the product may be discarded by Sunlight Sports Pte. Ltd.

Li-Ning Studio's decision in respect of the claimed product shall be final and confidential.